Why 3isApp?

When it comes to the world of digital marketing, it can be difficult to know which products will help you have an edge over your competitors. It is likely that you have tried a variety of products and websites to track your marketing campaigns and web page analytics with little success. Unfortunately, it can be hard to access the data that you require which allows you to see what's working and what's in need of improvement. Furthermore, linking potential customers to your products, campaigns or any other content can be challenging if you don't have the right tools to provide shortened, trackable links.

How does the 3is App work?

The app allows marketers to truly take control of their links. This means being able to post trackable and easy to access content for their target audience. The platform provides a simple analytics page that can be used to gather data generated by your links. This means gaining access to information regarding referrals, click numbers, conversions and locations quickly and effortlessly. This kind of data can be crucial to the success of marketing campaigns, so having a platform that allows you to gain access to this with the click of a button makes the task much simpler.

Other uses of the app - it's not only for marketing.

Although the 3is App is a powerful marketing tool, it's also ideal for sales tracking. Online sales can be difficult to keep track of, particularly when you are selling or promoting your products or services on several different platforms. Having easy access to the referral paths of your sales can make analysing your data and planning your strategy much smoother.

Important features

Link shortening

Shortening links makes them much more attractive to customers, meaning they will be more likely to click on them to find out more. The 3is App, a great alternative to Bit.ly, also allows marketers to create their own branded links, giving a more professional image. Short links allow you as a marketer to gather a large amount of important information that can help to shape your marketing or sales strategies in future. By having easy to access analytics for your marketing campaigns, you are already at an advantage when it comes to managing your campaign budget and creating efficient ad sets or content posts. Having this quick access means you are able to optimise your campaign easily to better generate quality leads or appeal to your target demographic.


Retargeting your visitors is an important marketing tool that can lead to an increase in conversions. The 3is App makes retargeting your customers by using pixels in social media ad campaigns more straightforward. Utilising the app's smart-retargeting tool helps you to avoid missing out on conversions that you may otherwise be unable to encourage. With the app, you are able to target users based on their location and their device. The targeting feature means you can also direct customers to pages that may be more relevant to them.

Overlay tools

Overlays such as notifications can sometimes put potential customers off due to their unsightly and intrusive nature. The 3is App provides marketers with the option to add subtle overlays to the target website that are more attractive and less intrusive. Sometimes adding overlays to a site can be a powerful way of getting a message across to your customers, this could be a promotional message or any other important information that you don't want your customers to miss out on.

The option to add landing pages

Landing pages are often crucial to businesses that are first starting out and need to generate leads, take pre-orders, or simply create a buzz around their new product or service. The 3isApp allows you to easily create bespoke landing pages that allow you to promote your product or service to your target audience. The tracking features of the app will help you to determine what is working well on your landing page and what isn't, allowing you to make changes as and when they are required. Landing pages are a hugely important part of introducing customers to your product, so gathering accurate data about those that are visiting your site can help you to tweak your campaign and target demographic and set yourself up for a successful first quarter of sales.

Tailoring links to appeal to your audience

Giving a professional image to your customers is important when building your brand, and the 3is App allows you to add your domain to any short links that you post. This, in combination with the other features that are available on the platform, will give your business a professional appearance and help you to stand out in competitive markets. The app allows for a large amount of customisation, so you don't have to simply rely on stock options.

The premium membership gives marketers complete control over their links. This means the ability to change link destinations, add specific filters to better target your audience, or remove any filters that are already applied whenever you need to.

Tracking events

Event tracking can be a challenge for marketers. Fortunately, the 3is App has been designed to work well alongside other tracking tools such as Facebook pixels, which means you will be able to track events in realtime. This can give you an additional advantage, meaning you can track your campaigns and edit them in line with the data that you collect in realtime.

Can I try it out for free?

Yes. The 3is App has a variety of membership options to suit you. Customers can take advantage of the free option to test the app's features, although these are somewhat limited when compared to the premium plan. The premium plan gives users complete control and allows them to unlock all features of the app at a very reasonable price. Those who sign up for free can access basic features such as shortening and tracking 100 URLs, but will not be able to use features such as adding customised domains to these.

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